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2019 USDM Golf R and Additional WM MK6 Support Now Available

VW_R_MK7.5_Rodri Yufe_Rear 3_4 _blue 5 doorsr

Accessport Support for the 2019 USDM Volkswagen Golf R is now available!  This initial support includes the Stage 1 Off The Shelf (OTS) Maps along with several COBB Custom Features.  Custom tuning is also available from an Authorized Protuner for those that want to add more extensive modifications.  Additional supported ROMs along with the full line-up of OTS maps have also been added for the World Market MK6 GTI.

Newly Supported Vehicles

Golf R

  • 2019 USDM Mk7 Golf R Manual Transmission
  • 2019 USDM Mk7 Golf R DSG Transmission (ECU tuning only at this time)

World Market MK6 GTI

  • ROM Version VLK_CCZB_5K0907115N_11
  • ROM Version VLK_CCZB_5K0907115A_12
  • ROM Version VLK_DSG_0D9300040

OTS Maps and Features

The initial release for the 2019 USDM Golf R will includes calibrations for Stage1 91/93 Octane, Anti-Theft, Stage 0 (replica of the factory data), and Valet Mode. Additional staged OTS maps will be added in the future.

Features included with OTS maps upon release:

Power Gains


Stage 1 91 VS Stock


Stage 1 93 VS Stock


CLICK HERE for additional OTS Map information in the Map Notes.


Custom tuning is avialable for those ready to dive in headfirst and push their pretty new Golf R past Stage1 as soon as possible.  The Accesstuner Pro Software for our VW Authorized COBB Protuner network includes 2019 USDM Golf R support too!



VLK0030010_main VLK003001P_main

There are two different Stage 1 options available.  Both include the Accessport which comes with the off the shelf maps and access to the custom features listed above.  The choice comes in whether you want to retain the stock intake and use a high flow filter or whether you’d prefer the full COBB SF Intake.  Both packages will make about the same power on the included Stage 1 map file but the SF Intake will have major gains in the aesthetic and sound department.  It’s also a good first step in the upgrade path paving the way for future modifications.