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Launch External Log Viewer in Accesstuner Pro HL

A subtle but very useful feature update to Accesstuner Pro HL has begun rolling out to Protuners. Many of you have a preferred third party log viewer aside from the standard spreadsheet viewer in Accesstuner. We have integrated the ability to automatically open log files through Accesstuner in third party software. The feature currently exists in Porsche Accesstuner Pro HL and it will be part of the VW update scheduled for this month. We expect Subaru to have it before the end of the year. Other platforms will receive it as we roll out future updates to each version of Accesstuner.

How to use it

Activating and using the new feature is simply.

Step1: Go to the “Configure Options” menu under “Edit”


Step 2: Go to the “Logging” tab and click “External Log Viewer”. Then simply copy and paste or use the Browse button to apply the appropriate directory for your preferred log viewing software.

image (1)

Once all set up, reviewing datalogs while on the dyno with your favorite log viewer software should be much more convenient.

image (2)