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MK7 MPI and ROM Consolidation

VW_R MK7_2016_Rodri Yufe_Front_BBS Wheels (crop)

We’ve got two major updates for the 2014 – 2018 USDM MK7 Golf GTI and R!!! For those craving big power, MPI (aka dual injection) support is now officially live, and our engineering team has completed an important project that affects all USDM MK7 owners and is very helpful for Protuners called …ROM Consolidation. Please read below for all the juicy details.


Here’s a fun video that you can share with customers that covers the basics of dual/secondary/multi injection to get them up to speed as it’s an unknown topic for many. The video also highlights 12 Injector features for GTR as well and the setup of OEM dual injection systems.

If you are already a VW tuner then you are probably well aware of the demand for Multi-Port Injection support on the MK7 platform to support higher power builds. After several weeks of beta testing, we are happy to announce that 2014 – 2018 MK7 MPI support is now officially live!

CLICK HERE for a helpful breakdown of the new tables and features in AccesstunerPro.

Please make sure your software and customer Accessports are up to date to make use of the new CCF tables for MPI tuning.

  • Accesstuner Pro HL – Volkswagen: 3.0.0+ 18731.16242
  • Accessport Firmware Golf GTI: : AP3-VLK-002-
  • Accessport Firmware Golf R: AP3-VLK-003-
Ed car track1 crop whie space MPI Rail crop
MK7 R by Equilibrium Tuning with MPI calibration via the COBB Accessport V3

See it in action:

“Yeah…HA HA HA HA!”

dyno MPI whie space time slip MPI crop 2

ROM Consolidation

“What the heck is that?” Good question!

In short, there is now only 1 single ROM for all USDM MK7 GTIs and 1 single ROM for all USDM MK7 Golf Rs! We’ve consolidated all of the various ROMs down to a single COBB Custom ROM per model to greatly simplify the tuning and engineering process going forward.

Doing so serves COBB, the Protuners, and the customers all at the same time. Our engineering team now can more quickly develop, troubleshoot, and release new exciting features and updates for one single ROM instead of duplicating the same tasks many times over or wasting time trying to determine if each ROM behaves uniquely to the same changes in order to produce consistent results.

Protuners no longer need to develop multiple calibrations for each individual ROM. Until now, various boost or timing values were often inconsistent from one car to the next even if the general setup was the same meaning each car required more time to dial in from ROM to ROM. Consolidating to a single ROM allows a tuner to develop consistent base tuning strategies that will consistently apply to every new vehicle regardless of their original OEM ROM. This means you produce higher quality calibrations at a faster rate with less effort.

Overall this update may seem simple at face value and will go over the head of many customers but it’s something to be very excited about. At the end of the day, it means more features more frequently and faster more consistent turn around for shops using the Accessport to tune MK7’s either on the dyno or remotely.


Golf R Stock whie space Golf R CCF whie space whie space whie space GTI Stock ROM whie space GTI CCF
(one of many)
Custom COBB MK7 Golf R
ROM ID (the only one)
(one of many)
Custom COBB MK7 Golf GTI
ROM ID (the only one)

Important Note
 – All previous map revisions or custom Protuned maps will remain functional but from this point forward. In order to benefit from any new features (like MPI), new OTS maps, or literally any updates made to the MK7 platform in the future…you have to be on the COBB Custom Consolidated ROM.

Reference the Map Notes for additional information.

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