Protuner COOP Overview

COBB Protuner Cooperative Marketing Program

Dear COBB Protuner,

COBB has revised its cooperative marketing program. This Protuner exclusive cooperative marketing program is both more simple and generous for 2015

You already use social media for marketing. With a little extra effort you’ll earn credit to purchase COBB products and reach a larger audience of potential customers.

The program is designed to reward you for the social media marketing you’re business is likely already doing. Properly tagged, your next Face Book post, Instragram, photo, or forums post, will be worth credit you can use to buy COBB Tuning products while simultaneously expanding your audience of potential customers through cross pollination with COBB’s huge fan base.

You could earn thousands of dollars in COBB Coop marketing credits.

Here is the link to the Protuner Cooperative Marketing program:

COBB Protuner Logo for display on your websites:

Here is a link to the standard COBB Tuning logo:

Another Link to a short demonstration video:

Here is a handy COOP marketing calculator you can use to track and report your COBB Protuner COOP marketing credits:

Best regards and THANK YOU to all COBB’s Protuners.

Tim Bailey – Director of Protuning