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COBB Accessport Activate – AP Activate

AP Activate is a new Accessport product designed specifically for the needs of COBB Protuners: Helping to lower inventory costs and providing the ability to instantly service any customer with the Accessport they need.

AP Activation instructions can be found here.

AP-APA-001_lg.png screenshot1.png
What is Accessport Activate ?
Accessport (AP) Activate (AP3-APA-001) is an Accessport designed specifically for the COBB Protuning Network.  AP Activate is a full featured Accessport that can be licensed into any part number for your specific shop’s needs.  Pricing is only $250 for the hardware and the cost to license the Accessport as a specific part number (example: AP3-SUB-003) is only paid once you sell the Accessport to the customer.  Now you can stock multiple units for a low cost to handle any situation: the unexpected customer, a warranty replacement, or custom dyno tuning.  To license the Accessport simply follow the instructions below.
Price and Ordering:
Protuner pricing is just $250 per AP3-APA-001 for the hardware.  Activation licensing costs varies by part number so the total cost for a licensed AP Activate Accessport is very similar to your traditional wholesale pricing. Contact to place your order for AP Activate hardware and get details on your specific pricing.  AP Activate (AP3-APA-001) is available ONLY through COBB Tuning in Austin, TX.
Available V3 Part Number Applications:
AP3-APA-001 can be activated and turned into any of the following part numbers with an in-field license upgrade.
  • AP3-BMW-001
  • AP3-BMW-002
  • AP3-FOR-001
  • AP3-FOR-002
  • AP3-FOR-003
  • AP3-FOR-004
  • AP3-FOR-005
  • AP3-MAZ-002
  • AP3-MIT-002
  • AP3-NIS-005
  • AP3-NIS-006
  • AP3-NIS-007
  • AP3-NIS-008
  • AP3-POR-001
  • AP3-POR-002
  • AP3-POR-003
  • AP3-POR-004
  • AP3-POR-005
  • AP3-POR-006
  • AP3-POR-007
  • AP3-POR-008
  • AP3-POR-009
  • AP3-POR-010
  • AP3-POR-011
  • AP3-POR-012
  • AP3-SUB-001
  • AP3-SUB-002
  • AP3-SUB-003
  • AP3-SUB-004
  • AP3-SUB-005
  • AP3-AU-SUB-003
  • AP3-AU-SUB-004
  • AP3-VLK-001
  • AP3-VLK-002
  • AP3-VLK-003
Demo Mode: 
Demo Mode functionality is available on the AP3-APA-001 units and allows dealers to showcase the Accessport’s features.  Turn your inventory unit into a demonstration model by going to “Help” –> “Demo Mode”.