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VW MK7 ROM Consolidation and MPI BETA

We are getting close to officially releasing our latest VW MK7 update for GTI and Golf R. This update will feature ROM Consolidation, as well as several updates to Accesstuner Pro, including CCF features like MPI!

But prior to the official release, we’d like to get a BETA version of Firmware and Accesstuner Pro in your hands for feedback and final pre-release soak testing.

We are super excited for this release and the valuable input from our trusted ProTuners will be a nice cherry on top of the development process. Feel free to make use of the BETA version on shop cars or customer vehicles but keep in mind that it is not an official release. Make sure to communicate to customers that you are using software that is still under development.

1.) Please update to BETA Firmware on the Accessport using ROM consolidation to a GTI (5G09C0BB01) and Golf R (8V09C0BB01)

BETA Firwmare:
AP-VLK-002: (
AP-VLK-003: (

2.) Then use this link to download and install the BETA AccesstunerProHL update:

For additional information regarding our ROM Consolidation strategy and benefits as well as details regarding current vehicle compatibility, please read the document in the link below.

Please provide both positive and negative feedback of any kind regarding the process as soon as possible. We want ProTuners and customers to benefit from this as soon as possible as a full release but we also need feedback to continue improving the product.

Direct any questions or feedback regarding the use of this BETA to:

Final note, the addition of new features like MPI are exciting, but all future VW Acccessport/Accesstuner Pro tuning will make use of ROM Consolidation. So for the purposes of this BETA test, do not feel as though you are restricted only to MPI applications etc.