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VW Transmission ID Update

We’re very close to releasing 7 speed DSG tuning! We have gathered and supported many of the applicable TCM ROMs but we do expect a few unrecognized ID’s to appear upon release. To remedy that we are preemptively pushing out an update to improve the “Identify Vehicle” function in the “Troubleshooting” menu on the Accessport to ID TCM ROMs along with the ECU. (NOTE – Does not dump the actual ROM, only provides the ID information)

Applicable Accessports and Firmware:

  • AP3-VLK-002:
  • AP3-VLK-003:
  • AP3-VMR-002:
  • AP3-VMR-003:

Help Us Help You

Once the Accessport is updated, follow the steps below and we can quickly add support for unrecognized ROMs.

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Select the Identify Vehicle function
in the Troubleshooting menu.

It will ID the ECU first. Then proceed to ID the TCM.

The above process can be performed whether the Accessport is installed or not. Once complete a .dat file will be stored to the Accessport. Please retrieve that file via Accessport Manager and email it to

Naturally all of the 7 speed specific ROMs will show unsupported until the official release is live, but feel free to send in ID’s before that time. We will be happy to confirm if the ROM is on the supported list already and if it’s not, it will give us a solid head start before customers get their hands on it.